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Good Politics essay questions for college and high school

Elections in USA essay What are the real reason American citizens attend elections? How does attending elections influence the country’s world politics? How has it been historically proved that the appearance of the third party causes political splits?
Smoking Ban in New York Essay when did the smoke free air act passed.what does the law state exactlywhat parties supported the smoke free air act and why. who was against the smoke free air act and why.has the smoke free air act effected our economy, how.who benefits from the smok free air act.was the smoke free air act a good move for NYC
Criticizing Bill Clinton Speech Essay Why was Bill Clinton’s apology speech so important? Did all the techniques of the speech create an appealing image of the president? What were the main mistakes of the speech?
The Congress of the United States of America Essay Why is the US Congress considered to be bicameral? What is the difference between the structure of the Senate and the House of Representatives? How is the chairman elected? What are the procedural rules controlled by the Supreme Court?
Literary Analysis
Clinton and Guns article Essay In what way do the articles reveal the assault-weapon ban? What is the position of article “Liberals Scramble to Extend Clinton Gun Ban” by Susan Jones? Why does the author take the ”non-judging” attitude?
The Crito - Plato’s democracy essay What is the definition of democracy provided in Plato’s “The Crito”? How is definition different from the contemporary understanding of democracy? What is the main peculiarity of the modern democratic societies?
College Admission
International and Public Affairs Admission Essay How did political violence in Uganda influence the career decision of the applicant? How is the applicant planning to use the knowledge in International and Public affairs to fight terrorism? Why is Columbia university the applicant’s number one priority college?
Cause and Effect
Collapse of the Soviet Union Essay When did the Soviet Union collapse? What is considered to be the main reason of the collapse of the Soviet Union? What role did Yegor Gaidar play in the collapse of the great country?
50/50 Nation: Democrats and Republicans What were the results of the democratic and republican “revolutions”? How is a 50-50 nation formed? How can the principle “one man – one vote” be interpreted?

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