Life of Vincent Bugliosi essay

Vincent Bugliosi / criminal attorney / leader / Manson Family case

Essay Topic:

The results of the work of Vincent Bugliosi in his career of a criminal attorney.

Essay Questions:

Why has Vincent Buglionsi become a historically prominent personality?

What books are the result of the creative work of Vincent Bugliosi?

What influence did Vincent Bugliosi have on “the Manson Family”?

Thesis Statement:

The name of this man is Vincent Bugliosi and he is the man that made the position of a criminal attorney more respected than it has ever been before his existance. As the result we see a man that has achieved a lot and has been successful in his career of a criminal attorney.


Life of Vincent Bugliosi essay

Introduction: Each field of professions has certain people that glorify it and show that this profession can bring a lot of “positive” to the living people. These people make a great difference and may be proud of making the right choice of profession, for it is obvious that it is not just their profession - it is their calling. The man that we are about to start talking about here is one of these people. It is person, who fulfills his professional duties with a responsibility, alacrity and quality and does it with the heart that is completely devoted to his job. The name of this man is Vincent Bugliosi and he is the man that made the position of a criminal attorney more respected than it has ever been before his existance. As the result we see a man that has achieved a lot and has been successful in his career of a criminal attorney. It is a man whose opinion is respected and desirable by his colleagues and followers. He is a famous attorney and an author of many books of a great value. But this is just the result. Nobody sees what was the ways that lead to what Vincent Bugliosi now has. To understand his success it is advisable to analyze his biography and life in general. Vincent Bugliosi was born on August 18, 1934 in Hibbin, MN. Since his childhood he has been very persistent and purposeful. It is most certain that these two main qualities predestined his future occupation. His steps in the direction of law were taken later. During college—time he studied at the University of Miami and the University of California. At college he shows himself as a real leader and a person that can organize the activity of other people and make right decisions. Perhaps that is the reason that he was chosen as the president of his graduating class.

So, as we see the successful beginning was given and a good start it this case gave a good continuation. In the year of 1964 Vincent Bugliosi got his law-school degree and was admitted to the California bar the same year. So as the way was open it was the step that drew him near his goal he wanted to achieve after all the studies and efforts. Being a young attorney was not easy, but due to his hard work he impressed everybody that observed him. No wonder that his fame and popularity were results of his great work in Los Angeles. The thing that in addition to the above had a high impact on his professional formation was that Vincent Bugliosi did not loose a single case. Having the fame of a prosecutor that does not ever loose just a single case made his work in court the guarantee of a “positive” outcome. So being assigned to the state district attorney's office was his first work that gave him the professional admiration of his colleagues. In 1972 he was serving as a deputy DA. It needs to be mentioned that by this year he was national known and locally respected. And the reason was not only the fact that he won 105 out of 106 felony jury trials, but especially his “style”. As every prosecutor has a “case of his life” Vincent Bugliosi had one, too. Nowadays his name is a synonym of the aggressive style that he showed while leading it. So let us turn right to the Manson Family case. Anyone who hears this word-combination would certainly remember the awful story of numerous murders committed by “Tate-LaBianca murders”. Charles Manson, a man who was almost his whole adulthood in jail, created a "cult" by the means of recruiting young people. And the most amazing thing is that he himself has not committed any of those disgusting murders. He was a person that controlled “the Manson Family” everything remaining in the shadow. This case was a case of mass murders that swayed away the whole nation. And it was revealed in only one court session though the murders were not really connected with each other. The murders were terrifying and caused a lot of panic, especially among celebrities in Beverly Hills after Sharon Tate’s and her friends murders. This case due to its significance to Vincent Bugliosi was put on paper in the form of a true-crime book “Helter Skelter”. The book was also put in the script of a movie. In addition to everything this man wrote a book that became a real sensation in the world. “5 Reasons Why O.J.Simpson Got Away With Murder” was a book in which Vincent Bugliosi’s style with many details explained the main reasons the conviction never happened and why O.J.Simpson did not take responsibility for the committed murders. There is no need to get into the “well-understood” details but Vincent Bugliosi made a strong step by publishing it. The book was nominated for the Edgar Allen Poe award as best true crime book of the year which is especially impressing if to mention that in was the only out of 60 books about O.J.Simpson’s case to be recognized. This book is considered by a certain group of critics to be the top manifestation of Bugliosi’s writing talent combined with the knowledge of law.

Vincent Bugliosi has the reputation of a man that does not ever lose, and even when he started his private practice in 1972 nothing changed in his position. He continued writing on the grounds of true felony cases, which also supported his image of a victory-man. Another thing not to be forgotten is that he was also a writer and by the time he was well known as a prosecutor he was also known as the author of a true-life crimes. Among his latest books: “No Island of Sanity - Paula Jones v. Bill Clinton: The Supreme Court on Trial”. Which represents a deep analysis of this specific court case. Nowadays, Vince Bugliosi lives in Los Angeles and dedicates himself to the analysis of the J.F.Kennedy assassination. He is believed to be an expert in this case. In conclusion we need to say that the achievements of Vincent Bugliosi are impressive and that he is an example of high professionalism and deep understanding of what a real prosecutor should do. His special style and perception lead him to the successful path that he followed his whole life. Vincent Bugliosi is known just for being an outstanding prosecutor or being a writer of great real-crime books, he was also a person that by his ability to analyze proved that every case can be solved, no mater how difficult it seems. This man may be called a real talent in the world of criminal attorneys and even a hero, too. Because not so many people would be able to repeat what Vincent Bugliosi performed in court and say what he was not afraid to say in his books.


Conclusion: The hard work that was performed by Vincent Bugliosi was primarily the main force that brought him to where he is now. Now, we see a bright criminal attorney, who is famous all over the world by his magnificent victories and is an authority for many young attorneys. His career of a criminal attorney though it was successful was not easy and full of difficult cases where a loss can easily damage the reputation of any criminal attorney. Analyzing his whole work it is necessary to say that the results he achieved in the persecutor’s field were achieved doe to his original criminal perception that he revealed through his brilliant felony cases victories. His contribution to the development of the image of a criminal attorney is great for he made an immense impact to this field. All his solved cases and the books he presented may be viewed as “textbooks” for future criminal attorneys, and guides for his colleagues. It is very important to say that it was he that could see details that nobody else could that made him a real professional in his occupation. And of course a brilliant knowledge of law, which he keeps demonstrating in his interviews. It is the example of a hard work and deep knowledge that were so much understood by him that started developing on an intuition level in Vincent Bugliosi’s mind. It is obvious that being a criminal attorney was not just his job, but also his true calling. It is believed that somebody else has said before everything that a person wants to say. So we would like to finish our paper with the words of Robert Tanenbaum who spent many years being a prosecutor: “There is only one Vince Bugliosi. He's the best."


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