My first time to skiing essay

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 My first skiing experience was a mixture of drama and laughter. With my dearest and nearest we once gathered to explore the slopes and hills of Colorado skiing venues. I was equipped up to the standard and at first looked as a solid skier with at least ten-year experience. The euphoria of unknown lasted no longer we got uphill and that was when the drama began. My friends started coaching me though all their efforts were of no avail. In a curved position I attempted to put my legs together and make a progress downwards. No sooner had I moved then skis became uncontrollable and my body sloped into the heap of fresh white snow. I tried to wake up and use the poles though my body was harder than I thought and it took me a few moments to re-appear into skiing-like position anew. For the next trial I became smarter and get to take the height horizontally rather than vertically. This time with my tense knees trembling I made about 5 meters ahead and fell again. However, the method worked and I eventually progressed from the right to the left and vice versa. My legs, however, seemed a bucket of iron. I dreamt of getting rid of fancy equipment and take a rest; though it was still much to ski before the downhill appeared. And I tried as best as I could. One of those turns was rather dramatic. I thought I got used to the skis and would be able to control them. Nonetheless, they betrayed my expectations and crossed while I was getting to the left. This had ended in a thrilling jump, and fall, and then I do not know what - and just covered my cap from the whiteness of snow. Wow! I thought to myself – that must’ve been   cool. I even liked the jump and all the subsequent falls that day did not seem that aching. Yeah, I took much trouble over my first skiing experience, though now I know I would help every guy who’s doing it for the first time. Should my friends have done the same, that day wouldn’t have ended with dozens of bruises and aches I felt afterwards. Anyway I am grateful to them for such a funny experience for never before in my life I have laughed at myself so much!  


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