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The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

 The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1948. This declaration is analyzed as a system of elaborated and coordinated rules and guidelines of the world community. It is actually a code of mutually acceptable, civilized behavior of different countries, nationalities, corporative formations and also given citizens. This document has a universal meaning as it reflects the consolidated will of more than two hundred states of the planet. The XX century has brought a lot of new changes into the life of the nations. These changes include not only the achievements in the sphere of the scientific and technical progress, but also ecological problems and new types and systems of weapon, capable of destroying the human civilization. These influences resulted in the changes in the social, political and spiritual development of the humanity and also the character of the relations between different states. This declaration is an attempt to define the inner logic of the history and correspondingly save the humanity from diverse problems and offer a productive social organization. The Declaration became the perfect solution made after the humanity experienced two world wars and a way to escape social inequity, wars, violence and compulsion. In other words it became a sort of political defense for more than two hundred countries. The war experiences showed that a state may be an effective instrument of mobilization of the society aimed at solving ultimate priorities. At the end of the XIX century appeared the first organized political parties, capable of transforming into an instrument of ruling a country. The positions of these parties were the first methods of monitoring the public opinion. In its turn this led to the devastation of the social life of people and million of dead people who fought for the idea of some political party. It was owing to the democratic countries the Declaration appeared. For the first time in the world history, appeared a need to find a way of giving order to the development of the humanity in the name of the preservation of life on Earth and the preservation of the political and economic integrity of the countries. This implies the elimination of violence in the relations between the countries and also implies the orientation towards solving any types of problems with the help of a compromise. The Declaration provides the international community with coordinated politics aimed at solving diverse international conflicts and threats to international security. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a set of measures ensuring the stability of the world economy in general and the productivity of its further development. The Declaration is an optimal model of the mutual relations of the country and the personality. The rights and the freedoms of the citizens, and also their duties are an important social and political institution. The Declaration unites all the listed above elements into a legal international control of the defense of human rights becoming an essential socio-political document ever signed for the protection of the world.



1.  Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Adopted and proclaimed by General Assembly resolution 217 A (III) of 10 December 1948. Retrieved 23 September 2008. http://www.un.org/Overview/rights.html



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